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bieMEDIA Predicts the End of the QR Code

bieMEDIA, an online marketing and media solutions company, is predicting the end of the QR Code. The short-lived and soon-to-be-antiquated "Quick Response" codes will be replaced with mobile visual search, which provides consumers with faster, more convenient and compelling, interactive marketing experiences.
Cementing its commitment to this technology, bieMEDIA has made a significant investment in Edinburgh, Scotland-based Mobile Acuity, the leader in mobile visual search applications for retailers and interactive campaigns using Visual Interactivity for brands and agencies. This transaction, which makes bieMEDIA Mobile Acuity's largest shareholder, adds a host of new mobile visual search capabilities to bieMEDIA's suite of technical marketing solutions for video, web and mobile, and will provide even more touch points for consumers to be engaged with brands and products.
"QR Codes were introduced as a quick extension to modernize the bar code," says bieMEDIA CEO Jon Barocas. "The issue is that these 'squares' take up valuable real estate on a business' marketing collateral or even act as an eye sore to the storefront. With our investment in Mobile Acuity, we're able to get straight to the point - just point at the product, shoot a picture and you'll receive all the information you're looking for and even be able to buy the product on the spot. Coupled with bieMEDIA's extensive video experience, we're now able to offer a new, more interactive and engaging experience."

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