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Coast Mountain Bus Company integrated TagMaster RFID system with Coencorp’s FuelZone Transit

TagMaster RFID products are now used in conjunction with Coencorp’s automated fuel management system, FuelZone Transit, at all six of the Coast Mountain Bus Company’s service locations.  Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC), based in Burnaby, British Columbia, connects the region by providing a customer centric transportation network that values safety and excellence and strives to be a leader in environmental performance. CMBC installed Coencorp’s FuelZone Transit system in 2007 and replaced a previous RFID system with the TagMaster solution in 2011.
RFID tags are mounted on the roof of each bus and readers are installed on the ceiling to check the bus in at each fuel lane. Once a bus is identified, the fuel management system unlocks the appropriate pumps while a Coencorp wireless Vehicle Data Unit (VDU) transmits information such as mileage and idle time to the system controller.
The Heavy Duty TagMaster tags have fully predictable life spans, independent of the number of times read, allowing CMBC to plan replacements and avoid monitoring the remaining life of the tag. Heavy Duty tags are able to withstand vigorous carwash jets and brushes every day and stay securely mounted to the roof of each bus. TagMaster’s LR-6 readers installed on the ceiling use an adjustable read lobe to only read the tag on the bus parked beneath the reader. A defined read lobe allows multiple readers to be located close together without reading across lanes.

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