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Introducing the Next Generation of QR Code Scanners

QR Pay Ltd announced the anticipated release of its "QR Pal" App for the iPhone. The free App is designed to be the most advanced QR Code scanner available, enabling users to scan, store and share QR codes via social media. The App also includes a secure payment facility and "Safe Browsing" making it one of the first security focused QR Code Apps of its kind.
QR Pal first launched for Android devices in August 2011 and has since been used to scan over 28,000 QR Codes in 126 countries worldwide. Android users and industry experts, including the BBC, have embraced QR Pal's features, describing the App as "The New Generation of QR Scanners."   
"There are plenty of QR Code scanners available on the market but we wanted to create more than just a scanner. With QR code usage really beginning to explode, we wanted to make QR Pal useful for the end user and more importantly give them the ability to share their scans via social media," said Chris Cooke, CTO at QR Pay Ltd.
The App has the ability to scan QR Codes and traditional Bar Codes with a range of settings enabling the user to scan, save, share, open link, edit and more. QR Pal has a detailed list of categories and if the auto save function is enabled, codes will automatically place in relevant folders.
Users are also able to instantly share scans via MMS, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Simply authorise the App with your social media accounts to start sharing. QR Pal also includes a payment feature which enables users to make and receive payments via PayPal.

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