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KMA Global Solutions Delivers RFID Encapsulated Baggage Tags

KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. has delivered its first shipment of RFID encapsulated Baggage tags to its client. The tags have been tested for durability under the worst handling conditions and have been tested for the ability to be read in the different configurations that will be present in the handling system. Once the system and tags have successfully completed the Beta phase we expect to receive annual revenue in year one to be in excess of $5 million dollars.
KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) labels for the multimedia, retail apparel, health/beauty aids, soft goods, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical industries. KMA provides low cost solutions for retail protection against inventory theft, offering customized labels that use a variety of patented formats to meet unique packaging needs. KMA's patented DUAL Tag(TM) is the only product available that combines the two leading EAS technologies in a single, high speed application to eliminate the need for multiple inventories and its patented NEXTag(TM) is the solution of choice for soft goods as a small, flexible non-woven label conveniently sewn into a garment at its manufacturing source.
At KMA, our Business Mission is to constantly reinforce our industry leadership as a preferred competitive supplier in the timely delivery of superior, cost effective, source tagging products - all the time, every time.

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