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QR codes delivering malware

AVG Technologies, a leading provider of internet and mobile security,  presents the “AVG Community Powered Threat Report – Q4 2011,” providing insight, background and analysis on the trends and developments in the global online security threat landscape. Highlights in this quarter’s report are the risks of QR codes, stolen digital certificates bypassing security on mobile phones and the persistence of rootkits.
QR codes are becoming popular for mobile users to insert text and URLs into the mobile device without typing. Unfortunately they are also being discovered as an ideal way to distribute malware to unsuspecting victims. The user does not know what lurks behind the QR code until the malware is already installed and running. This report describes in detail the new technique already used by hackers and expected to gain momentum in 2012. Putting a malicious QR code sticker onto existing marketing material or replacing a website’s bona fide QR code with a malicious one could be enough to trick many unsuspecting people.

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