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Smart Card Market to Gain Heights with Public Sector Applications

The deployment of smart cards in public sector applications, including government ID and healthcare has gained momentum across the globe. The governments are putting in place the legal framework to leverage strong identity credentials for e-Government, e-Health and e-Commerce. Smart technology-based healthcare ID cards are also being issued in many countries. According to new research report “Smart Card Market Forecast to 2014” by RNCOS, the unit shipment of smart cards for the government/healthcare segment is estimated to have registered around 18% y-o-y growth in 2011, and expected to increase further.
The global smart card industry has been facing dynamic changes for the past few years. New areas of growth have been supporting the widespread use of smart cards across the globe. Backed by positive factors, the unit shipment of microprocessor smart card is expected to have reached around 6.1 Billion in 2011. With the successful beginning of the micro-payment segment in various regions, including Asia, North America, and Europe, the future landscape for the smart card market looks promising.
The report studies the global smart card market in a comprehensive manner and provides an in-depth analysis of the market size and current developments in key countries of the world. Categorized on the basis of applications in sectors like telecom, transport, public and financial services, the study gives an insight into the current and future market trends, major industry drivers, and key challenges which clearly depict a comprehensible picture of the market structure. The research also includes an analysis of the regulatory environment associated with the smart card deployment and briefly summarizes key activities. Overall it aims at providing clients with an optimum knowledge and statistics on the global smart card market.

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