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TAGSYS Ramps up Its Go-to-Market Strategy for the Americas

TAGSYS, the leading provider of item-level RFID infrastructure, today announced that it is increasing its investment in the North and South American marketplaces, and has appointed a new executive team to ramp up its presence in the Americas.
"With TAGSYS total systems approach, enterprise customers in the Americas can transform the way information is processed across the supply chain and between business partners," said TAGSYS CEO Alain Fanet. "Our renewed focus and commitment in this region will enable TAGSYS to expand reach for our complete portfolio of RFID infrastructure systems, while allowing clients in the Americas to duplicate the successes we have achieved with brands in Europe."
TAGSYS makes RFID simple by providing rapid, easy to install RFID infrastructure solutions that provide a fast return on investment (ROI) and return on effort (ROE). Because the TAGSYS solution set is based on cloud computing technology, up-front investment is low; and since the solutions are plug-and-play, they require minimal effort on the part of internal IT staff to deploy, integrate and support.
To assist with this expansion, TAGSYS has appointed Monte R. Lucas as its Vice President of Sales for North and South America, which the company formally announced on January 18th. Supporting Lucas will be TAGSYS' new Sales Director Chad Ward and Customer Program Director Michael A. Daily.
"I am looking forward to working with the new TAGSYS sales team," Lucas added. "TAGSYS offers industry-leading RFID systems. With the RFID and business transformation experience of this new executive team, I believe that we will quickly see additional growth in the Americas."

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