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Certgate to showcase broad range of solutions for the mobile ecosystem

The latest release of certgate’s patented mobile smartcard technology comes with NFC capabilities and supports all kinds of security apps and tools on a broad variety of mobile devices. Equipped with the capability to use its strong cryptographic functions via a mobile device’s NFC antenna, certgate now allows a much broader range of time and cost saving uses of a smartphone or tablet. Mobile smartcard payment solutions, hardware-based voice encryption, and physical access controlled by a crypto chip combined with user authentication performed with a three-attempts-only smartcard PIN code – these are only a few of an abundance of beneficial use cases made possible in connection with certgate’s patent protected technology.
Mobile wallets - credit or debit cards integrated in a smartphone or tablet -, certificate based logon to a workstation or a network, public transport ticketing or the smartphone serving as the employee ID card – an almost endless number of possibilities are at the user’s fingertips – fingers which only need to enter the correct PIN code to yield the required digital authentication.
Possible communication paths to support the real two factor authentication include the USB bus, Bluetooth and IP cloud and now embrace NFC which is expected to become an omnipresent piece of infrastructure in our work and life environments within a very short timeframe.
The set of mobile devices supporting certgate’s security package includes OSs like Android, BlackBerry™, and Windows, and will be further expanded to all platforms which either provide the comfort and security of hosting microSD™ memory cards or grant access to other forms of secure elements on the device. The ability of making use of the microSD format with an integrated on-card state-of-the-art smartcard processor in a driverless mode - i.e. without any changes to the smartphone’s SD bus communication driver software - is why this well-developed and proven technology already supports a myriad of security solutions from technology and solution partners worldwide. PKI support, workstation logon, and voice encryption are only a few of these powerful solutions bringing better security levels to smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

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