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Consumer-Based Advertising System for RFID Interactive Transmedia Sculpture

XtremeSignPost, Inc. announced the launch of their consumer-based advertising system that encompasses a mobile, interactive, art and music sharing network. The Company has developed an integrated system to share consumer-oriented experiences that is based around XtremeSignPost’s U.S. patent 7843334 that issued November 30, 2010 entitled “Method to promote and distribute multimedia content using radio frequency identification tags.”
The system promotes interactive transmedia art through the sharing of consumer experiences using SMS, instant messaging, email, or social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. In this process, RFID-enabled cell phones such as Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus S running on Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich are used to recall and share transmedia art experiences from personalized RFID-tagged items. XtremeSignPost, Inc., Patti Austin, Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, John Natsoulas, Deborah Bridges, The Right to Succeed, and Over My Shoulder Foundation have teamed together to promote RFID Interactive Transmedia Art, Music, and mentoring. XtremeSignPost’s technology allows the audience to actively participate in interactive projects and share it on the “The Internet of Experiences.” In their process, the audience simultaneously experiences and records their impressions at a live event. Using RFID-enabled cell phones the information or links to the information are directly written on to RFID-tagged items such as sculptures, photos, tickets, postcards (Bulacards), hats, or shirts. At a later point in time, immediately, or any time in the future, the transmedia art and music experience can be recalled, replayed, and shared by placing the phones near the personalized RFID-tagged products. The goals of the corporate collaboration are to establish a mobile, interactive, artistic form of expression and to use this technology on projects that improve mentoring and education.

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