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New RFID Web Based Weapons Management Solution

SkyRFID Inc. recently announced the availability of their new Multi Site Web Based Weapons Management Solution. This new solution uses RFID cards to access the facility and RFID tags to track weapons, parts and tactical gear. Since all armouries are different the solution has numerous security features and levels that range from static weapons monitoring to full RTLS with CCTV.
The Internet based software uses Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for communication security over the internet so authorized internet users can view reports and full details on all weapons in the system wherever they are. Locally at the armoury “Check in” “Check out” workstations are used for inbound and outbound weapons and gear management. Weapons, parts and tactical gear can be stored in traditional steel racking and safes. Control can be limited to just monitoring of the actual checking in and out of weapons or enhanced to full blown RTLS for all racks and safes activated by motion sensors strategically located in the armoury.
SkyRFID uses super small shelf antennas with powered antenna splitters (MUX) to provide the capability of multiple antennas on a single fixed reader port. With several MUX designs available you can monitor as many as 256 locations with a single port of a 4 port reader. Sensors are used to activate Zones automatically minimizing power and bandwidth requirements.
The software uses a graphical interface that is easily tailored to each armoury physical setting providing visual data that can be drilled down to the lowest possible granularity at any time.
All armouries have different requirements and the software is capable of meeting or exceeding those requirements through a set of Administrative Tools that support Notification Lists, Escalation Paths, Rules and Targets, Classifications, SMTP Configuration, Screen Configurations and Unlimited Reporting on Screen and Hardcopy.

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