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Neww handheld RFID Reader/Mobile Computer

GAO RFID Asset Tracking has launched a new handheld RFID reader/mobile computer. Using advanced encryption and authentication techniques, this RFID reader is able to read and write tag IDs and data blocks as well as protect the data on compatible transponders for privacy and security purposes. It is an ideal solution for a number of vertical markets such as asset tracking and inventory management, event attendance or personnel access control, fleet maintenance, in the warehouse or on the hospital floor.
This rugged handheld RFID reader/mobile computer, model 243004, offers two unique and innovative features of great benefit to the user. Its exceptional antenna allows for the reading of tags in practically any orientation, overcoming problems associated with tag orientation in supply chain applications. As well, it contains a hardware/software scheme, "Software Defined Radio" (SDR) architecture, which enables the RFID reader to support future tags and protocols via software upgrade while maintain existing hardware.

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