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Barcode and RFID Cloud-Based Asset Inventory Tracking Solution

ASAP Systems, a best-in-class inventory and asset tracking software with barcode and RFID solutions, releases the beta version of it cloud-based asset tracking software solution. The beta version is now available to all customers looking to manage their assets via a cloud-based solution.
The ASAP Systems cloud-based asset tracking solution will enable customers to utilize Passport Asset anywhere they have an internet connection on any type of device, whether it is a tablet, smartphone or a mobile barcode or RFID scanner from Motorola.
ASAP Systems customers span many industries including healthcare, education, manufacturing, and government to name a few. Customers who run legacy, paper-based, or accounting based asset systems benefit most from ASAP Systems barcode and RFID-based solutions, with immediate improvements in the tracking and management of assets. ASAP Systems customers report improved accuracy, reduced errors, and increased control that translate directly into cost savings. ASAP Systems’ technology solutions ensure businesses can focus on what it does best while Passport provides the operational efficiencies to generate the highest return on investment.

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