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Orange QR Introduces QR Code Tracking Software

Orange QR is pleased to announce the launch of its new QR code tracking software. By utilizing the company's QR code tracking software, customers are better able to track and manage all of their Quick Response Codes.
For those new to QR code tracking, it stands for Quick Response codes which are two-dimensional bar codes. These codes can be read from camera-ready phones which will send the visitor to a website or provides information on a product or service. The technology was created in Japan back in 1994, but has since made great strides in both reliability and speed.
QR bar codes can be placed virtually anywhere, making them very functional for a wide variety of businesses. When a visitor scans the code into his or her camera phone (and has installed the proper phone app) the code becomes active. Phone apps are easy to find and install and are available for Android, iPhone, or Blackberry. Orange QR offers free access to its search feature for those who wish to learn more about QR code readers.
Applying QR bar codes may be simple and reading them just as easy, but how do companies that are using them track and manage all those codes? This is where Orange QR can play a huge and important role. When users create their codes using the Orange QR site software, they can track and manage their QR codes in real time. The software to use is the Code Tracking Generator.
The Code Tracking Generator is easy to use and not only creates the QR codes but also initiates the tracking function for those codes. With QR code tracking, businesses are able to track who scanned their QR code, where that particular code was scanned, when that particular code was scanned, and how it was scanned (meaning which media was used to scan the code). When businesses have this level of information, they are better able to design more effective marketing campaigns as well as focus on geographic hot spots. Having access to this information can help boost sales as businesses concentrate on those areas that are responding the best to their codes.

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