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NeoMedia Awarded New Patent for Faster and Easier Implementation of Mobile Barcode Applications

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has allowed a NeoMedia patent application that addresses the rising demand for improved mobile barcodes. Earlier this month, NeoMedia reported that its NeoReader QR reader is now installed on more that 20 million handsets, which represents a 148 percent increase compared to the installed handset base it had at this time in 2011.
The patent covers systems and methods for providing users of mobile barcodes with automatic access to remote computers. These systems and methods allow faster and easier implementation of new applications and services, raising the bar for similar technologies in the mobile marketing and advertising space. Specifically the patent application relates to a messaging interchange system that enables interoperability of disparate messaging systems.
"The global mobile barcode management industry is extremely fast paced and it is paramount that, as a pioneer, NeoMedia continues to innovate and deliver breakthrough technologies that enable users to further mobilize their marketing campaigns," said Laura Marriott, Chief Executive Officer of NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. "We are delighted that the USPTO has allowed this application, which combined with our already impressive patent portfolio, enables us to continue to offer our customers the industry's most innovative solutions and services."
The recently issued patent is part of an intellectual property portfolio that includes more than 70 issued and pending patent applications. And this patent award comes on the heels of two recent additional patent allowances to NeoMedia Europe GmbH.

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