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Sequent Software joins with Global Platform to improve mobile security

Sequent Software, a developer of NFC technology, has joined with Global Platform, an organization that aims to standardize the management of mobile security applications. Through the partnership, Sequent will be able to help develop more robust security technologies for NFC-based contactless services. The company will also help establish new business requirements and best practices guidelines to help other industries make use of secure NFC technology. Sequent believes that the partnership will be beneficial to the entirety of the NFC industry because it may help alleviate some of the concerns consumers have regarding the security of the technology.
Security has proven to be a serious issue for NFC technology. This is especially true when the technology is used in mobile commerce. NFC has been the driving force behind the mobile commerce industry because the technology is capable of turning smart phones and other devices into mobile payment platforms. This is usually accomplished through a chip installed in mobile devices that stores financial information. Concerns regarding the safety of this information have been raised by consumers. Companies investing in mobile commerce often note the supposed safety of NFC technology, but these claims have done little to placate the masses.

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