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QR Code Technology for the Promotional Gifts Industry

Widely known for its innovation and creative approach to marketing, GoPromotional continues to raise the bar with its latest news today. The company has announced they will now be the first in the industry to offer customised QR Code printing on promotional gifts from their extensive product offering. The application of the QR Code to printed merchandise opens up an exciting variety of previously untapped customer building opportunities for their clients.
GoPromotional will create and provide a high resolution custom designed QR Code free of charge for their clientele, to be imprinted on promotional merchandise. Business marketers may include a wide variety of types of information in the QR Code, ranging from important company contact information, to a web link, or a contest entry, or even a short video.
Gareth Parkin, Managing Director, is eager about the potential. "Smartphone usage has passed the tipping point and currently represents the majority of mobile phones in use today. The QR Code's unique ability to be read by them offers an unprecedented number of new marketing opportunities for our clients. The trend away from PC use toward mobile communication is of huge significance to the B2B advertising world. We pride ourselves on forward thinking marketing implementations, and providing QR codes keeps our clients on top of the latest opportunities." Previous innovations from GoPromotional include their popular Facebook and Twitter integration for promotional gifts.
QR codes have gained significant visibility in the last year. The odd looking checkerboard square is fast being recognized and utilised in increasing numbers. Any smartphone with a QR application installed can scan the code, and the information is translated instantly. The varied uses of the QR Code are continually growing, and some foresee a quick scan being used to not only provide contact information, but to play a jingle, offer a voucher or even as a method of placing an order.
Mr. Parkin continues, "The moving trend for smartphones and QR scanning applications means there are an increased number of consumers who will be able to buy into campaigns delivered in this exciting new format. Having a QR code printed on to branded merchandise will add a three dimensional approach to any marketing message and is demonstrative of our ability to promote your business to a new level."

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