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Impinj Store Performance Simulator

UHF Gen 2 radio frequency identification (RFID) technology provider Impinj, Inc. today announced the availability of the Store Performance Simulator (SPS), a powerful web-based analysis tool built to assist retailers who are assessing the impact of RFID technology on their operations. SPS allows retailers to better understand how variations in inventory management affect performance and profitability. By simulating shopping activity and store operations while tracking cumulative business results, SPS enables retailers to run a store in the virtual world under thousands of different scenarios while observing cause and effect in ways that are not feasible in the physical world. Users can simulate store performance with or without RFID and with various front-stock and back-stock ratios, supply chain replenishment speeds, customer service levels, stock-taking labor rates and numerous other factors to understand the effect of these parameters on their store's performance. Once validated against current operations, SPS results can drive performance targets for pilot deployments of the modified business processes.
"Impinj's Store Performance Simulator is unquestionably the most flexible RFID store operations simulation tool that I have tested," said Leslie Hand, research director at IDC Retail Insights. "Importantly, it enables baseline operational performance comparisons to RFID and other performance improvement 'what if' scenarios, so the retailer can evaluate the quantitative value between adding staff, changing inventory management process, adding inventory and implementing RFID enabled processes."
Developed to leverage low-risk, low-cost simulation to improve retail operations, SPS allows users to create scenarios with over 25 input parameters that describe how a store, or a product category within a store, operates. SPS then simulates the scenario, recording more than 35 store performance metrics and producing an income statement summarizing the store's turnover rates, unit sales and profits. With SPS, retailers can experiment in simulation with various scenarios, and then confidently modify their operations to yield the expected performance improvements. Most simulations show that by utilizing RFID technology, stores can improve inventory visibility, increase sales and customer satisfaction, decrease out-of-stocks and markdowns, and improve employee awareness of performance.

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