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Montie Design Releases Portable RFID Field Detector

The innovation and commercialization experts at Montie Design have come up with a new troubleshooting tool for original equipment manufacturers to successfully identify where their products' RFID portals can, or can't, read tags.
The new RFID Field Detector targets the presence of the 900mHz signal emitted by RFID portals with the push of a button, conveniently showing where the RFID field is strong and where it is weak through a series of seven LED lights on the ultra-thin, simple tool.
Smaller than a smart phone, the low-cost RFID Field Detector uses minimal materials and is powered by just three AAA batteries. Product specs and details are available online at
RFID, or Radio-Frequency Identification, functions along the same line as a bar code or magnetic strip on credit cards, providing a unique identifier for an electronic device. It has wide applicability in numerous engineering and manufacturing industry sectors, and is being used more frequency in security applications as well as in mobile phones and wireless communication devices.
The RFID Field Detector is the latest addition to Montie Design's lineup of troubleshooting tools used worldwide since 2009 to test whether or not RFID portals are emitting a signal. The RFID Field Detector is a next generation unit, inexpensively providing a never before seen ability to understand the size and strength of the field for the portal technicians are setting up.

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