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NFC Keychain for iPhones and Android Devices from China RFID

China RFID (DAILY RFID) has released latest NFC tag-03 in a keychain form to read with iPhones and Android devices. This NFC keychain (NFC: Near field communication) is easily carried to bring comforts to NFC payment, such as mobile payment and loyalty services. And as an ISO/IEC 14443 NFC tag, each NFC keychain-03 contains a unique NFC chip to let people pay easier by just tapping the tags on the mobile phone.
The NFC keychains provide excellent performance for iPhones and android devices in payment since they give stable performances in NFC application. By attaching the NFC keychain to mobile phones, people can go out to events and do not need to take a wallet to make a payment. As for paying with the NFC tags, users simply need to tap their prepaid tags within a read range of 5 cm, and no longer need to dip a card, enter a PIN or provide a signature.

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