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Omni-ID Launches Enhanced Partner Program

Omni-ID, the leading global supplier of high-performance, passive UHF RFID tags and visual tagging systems, has announced several additions to its product lineup over the past several months -- including three new product families. Given this expansion, Omni-ID has released several enhancements to its already robust channel partner program to better serve its existing and prospective reseller and system integrator partners.
"We're excited to see such a marked increase in the interest level and adoption of auto-identification technologies in a number of industries," said George Reynolds, Vice President of Global Sales of Omni-ID. "This heightened interest level along with the additions to our product portfolio has increased our presence within the IT/data center, energy, tool tracking, healthcare and manufacturing industries -- along with the resellers and system integrators that serve them."
The Omni-ID Partner Program has been designed to enhance partner profitability by providing aggressive volume based discounts along with financial, marketing and lead generation incentive programs that reward partners for high quantity purchasing to ultimately help them win future business.
"By creating different levels of commitment and rewards for our partners, we can better support them as they expand their businesses and accelerate the distribution and future adoption of RFID technology globally," added Tony Kington, Ph.D., Vice President of Operations and Managing Director- Europe for Omni-ID. "As one example, the company has expanded its assembly, finishing, commissioning and distribution facilities in all major geographies -- the Americas, Europe and Asia. This enables Omni-ID to provide customized product globally, at low cost and with short lead-times."
The program has been designed with three levels of partnership: Authorized Reseller, Preferred Partner and Premium Partner. Each level of partnership comes with discounted volume-based pricing, 24/7 online-ordering, sales tools, product training and marketing materials.

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