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Wasp Barcode launches new thermal printers

Wasp Barcode Technologies has announced the launch of the WPL25 Desktop Barcode Printer and the WHC25 Desktop Wristband Printer. Designed specifically for speed and durability, both products use direct thermal technology to provide accurate images and barcodes of the highest quality. The thermal printing technology used in both printers uses heat as opposed to ink, making the printed label or wristband smudge proof and durable.
Wasp's WPL25 Desktop Barcode Printer features a high-quality clamshell design that makes the WPL25 ideal for printing high performance labels for healthcare, retail, shipping, and office environments. The WPL25 barcode printer uses a 200 MHz processor that prints labels at speeds up to 5 inches per second at 203 dpi print resolution. For easy integrationinto various business environments, the Wasp WPL25 comes standard with USB and serial interfaces. The WPL25 also comes with optional peeler, cutter, and stand-alone keyboard making it easy to create an all-in-one barcoding and scanning solution.
The WHC25 specializes in printing wristbands that contain text, graphics, or barcodes to increase accuracy and eliminate the need formanual, handwritten, or stick on label wristbands. These secure, long-lasting wristbands are designed for applications such as healthcare patient ID tracking and entertainment ticketing. The WHC25 LCD screen displays the printer's status and makes it easy to troubleshoot away from a PC. The WHC25 can also be a standalone printing station and can be configured to print wristbands should your computer go down by simply plugging a keyboard into the printer. The 8MB SDRAM and 4MB Flash ensures quick wristband print speeds up to 5 inches persecond, while the 32-bit RISC processor allows for faster throughput and higher levels of productivity.
"The purpose of both the WPL25 and the WHC25 is to promptly print high quality, durable thermal barcodes that continue to increase efficiency for today's office environment," said Brian Sutter, director of marketing at Wasp Barcode Technologies. "Unlike inkjet printers, thermal printers offer high printing speeds and are extremely reliable. By using heat instead of ink, the WPL25 and WHC25 create durable images that remain readable for up to 50 years."
The WPL25 Desktop Barcode Printer is being introduced at a list price of $295. The WHC25 Desktop Wristband Printer is priced at $499.

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