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XtremeSignPost, Inc. Announced the Delivery of their RFID Enabled Postcards

XtremeSignPost, Inc. presented personalized, interactive, self-addressed Bulacards to the office of Congressman Mike Thompson. These cards contained links to personal video messages to President Obama. XtremeSignPost has developed an integrated system to share public messages that is based around the Company's U.S. patent 7843334 that issued November 30, 2010 entitled "Method to promote and distribute multimedia content using radio frequency identification tags."
The system promotes public involvement in local and national politics through the sharing of personal experiences using SMS, instant messaging, email, or social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. In this process, RFID enabled cell phones such as Samsung's Galaxy S3 running on Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich are used to recall and share video messages from personalized RFID-tagged Bulacards. XtremeSignPost, Inc., ADPublishing, The Right to Succeed, Over My Shoulder Foundation, and Patti Austin have teamed together in the Bulacard Project to promote RFID Transmedia Art, Music, and Mentoring. XtremeSignPost's technology allows the public to actively participate in interactive projects and share their voices on the "The Internet of Experiences." In this process, the public records and writes links to video messages on Bulacards that are delivered to Washington, D.C. Each self-addressed card contains an RFID-encoded digital link to an electronic message. After receiving the Bulacards, the White House can place the cards back into the US mail system so that they can be returned to each participant. Messages on the self-addressed Bulacards can be retrieved, displayed, and shared using near field communication (NFC) cell phones. The circular system of sending messages to The President and back allows each participant to replay and share their personal messages. Through active participation hidden voices from the public can be revealed, displayed, and disseminated on a global scale. The issue is sharing experiences

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