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MoZeus Worldwide Integrates License and Barcode Scanning

MoZeus Worldwide, a mobile-marketing and content-management software company, is proud to announce the integration of License and Barcode Scanning into the iOS version of their SMART Activator platform. This update allows consumers to register for engagements with driver's licenses, attendee badges or and other 2D barcodes.
The license-scanning integration enables brands to capture valid personal data quicker and easier. Using scanners developed by industry leader TokenWorks, Inc., MoZeus is able to scan driver's licenses, badges or other similar items that contain 2D barcodes. The new MoZeus License Scanning Software has proven to be more than 95% reliable in the field, meaning it can read licenses from every state at an almost perfect rate.
"We are very excited to announce that driver's license and other barcode scanning has been added to the SMART Activator on iOS," said Scott Sheppard, President and Chief Technology Officer of MoZeus Worldwide. "These are amazing tools for brands to incorporate into their engagements. The accuracy of the new scanners provides the ability to speed up registration and increase through-put."
MoZeus has worked with approximately 200 brands, agencies and sports properties to leverage the SMART Activator for more than 100,000 event days, which has resulted in ten million unique leads and 25 million survey questions answered. The SMART Activator has become the most-used marketing application in the world by offering a cutting-edge technology platform that allows companies to engage consumers and provide real-time value for brands.

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