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Codee Software Launches Revolutionary Mobile QR Code Technology

Codee Software today announced the launch of a revolutionary new QR Code product, Codee Mobile. Codee Mobile consists of two innovative technologies, Codee QR code stickers or “Codees” and the Codee Reader, a free Codee application for customizing the QR code stickers’ content directly from users’ smart phones. The Codee Mobile stickers allow users to leave a personalized message on virtually anything. They can be used to add a personal message to gifts, as electronic sticky notes in the home, or even at work to annotate business documents with audio messages. Company officials highlighted the wide applicability of the technology.
When consumers scan a Codee with the Codee Reader, they are presented with a list of options they can use to program the stickers. The current version of the Codee Reader gives users the choice to either add a video or audio message on the sticker, or link the sticker to popular mobile websites like Facebook and Twitter.
To leave a video message, users scan the Codee sticker with the Codee Reader and choose “Video Message”. The video camera function of the phone is activated and the user can record their video. Once the user is done recording the video, it is saved to the Codee sticker. Then, users can stick the Codee onto any object so others can then scan the Codee with their phone using their QR code reader and watch the video message.
The Codee stickers are available at the Codee Website, and the Codee Reader application is available for free in the iTunes Store and on Google Play.
“We wanted to create a product people could stick in their pocket or purse and use anywhere, at anytime and use in seconds. What's interesting is the sheer number of ideas coming out of the Codee community as to what they can be used for. We have soccer moms using them for fundraising, kids using them to record skate board rides and then sticking the stickers on their boards, and executives using them to annotate contracts. People get them and immediately start coming up with clever ways of using them. ” said Fred Covely co-inventor of the patent pending technology and CEO of Codee.

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