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AdvanIDe Launches NFC TagExplorer App for Scanning

AdvanIDe, the leading independent provider of semiconductors for the smart card and RFID industry, today introduced a mobile app that can scan and display NFC tag content on Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones. AdvanIDe's NFC TagExplorer app reads all NFC-compliant tags including those using MIFARE1 technology, and enables customers to share and analyze tag contents so they can explore the IC technology and IC type that is being used for tags or contactless cards.
"With NFC phones getting a wide market acceptance, we wanted to introduce a tool, that enables our clients and partners to be able read and share tag contents and IC information using NFC-enabled smartphones," said Kintu Shah, Senior Technical Sales Manager with AdvanIDe.
"This is in particular important, as our customers often pass cards and tags to us with the request to identify the IC-type and manufacturer. With the NFC TagExplorer App, our clients can now read details of the IC by themselves and forward them to us. We chose the industry's most popular NFC-enabled smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII handset, as the first mobile device for our NFC TagExplorer app with more to be scheduled in the near future."
The AdvanIDe NFC TagExplorer app takes advantage of the company's industry-leading expertise in RFID component and transponder technology. It runs on the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) platform, and uses the platform's integrated NFC stack along with NFC classes on Java. Customers can use the NFC TagExplorer to identify the type of tags that are being used in applications such as smart posters and labels or contactless smart cards. Currently the app supports about 20 different IC types from a variety of leading chip suppliers. Users also can review the data in a personalized NFC tag and use this information to program their own tags, or scan the tag to see what NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) commands have been employed so they can incorporate these commands into their NFC applications. Upon request, AdvanIDe will also make the app source code available to selected customers.

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