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New ScanLife Data Provides Increasing Evidence That Consumers Who Scan QR Codes Are Highly Motivated To Engage

People who scan quick response (QR) Codes are highly interested in a product or service, making them especially valuable to marketers.  That's a key finding from the new ScanLife study that shows QR Codes are an increasingly effective way for brands to convert prospects into new or loyal customers.
In the study, ScanLife analyzed more than 200 QR Codes with thousands of scans that were generated from the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform. Each of the codes linked to unique, mobile optimized landing pages that marketers created on the ScanLife platform, offering a variety of relevant content such as videos, Facebook pages, retail locators, and even mobile commerce options.  The live traffic analysis - included for all ScanLife platform customers - provided a detailed view across numerous verticals and geographies.  These included one of the world's largest beverage companies, a leading regional gym, a large national retailer and a major international car manufacturer – from Europe, Latin America and North America.
Results from the study showed that 62% of the scans converted to further engagement (clicks or otherwise), with 95% of the codes driving at least some action. In addition, the study confirmed the importance deploying a managed platform through an expert service provider like ScanLife.  When presented with relevant content, consumers increasingly preferred the convenient, immediate, mobile-optimized experience that QR Codes enabled from physical media such as print ads, product packaging, and store displays.
"This new data from the ScanLife platform shows that QR Codes are actually reaching a marketer's most important target because it allows them to convert interested consumers into customers," said Mike Wehrs, Scanbuy CEO and President. "We strive to constantly deliver new technology innovations that harness this insight and facilitate high-quality, relevant, and long-lasting engagements between brands and consumers."         
The results demonstrate how the ScanLife platform facilitates effective QR Code campaigns that give brands and marketers instant access to the most valuable type of customers:  those who are ready to buy.  For example, ScanLife technology increases conversions by providing a convenient way for consumers to immediately connect with a brand on Facebook or Twitter in a variety of ways.  The code can automatically initiate a phone call to a sales agent, trigger an email message to request more information about the advertised product, or launch a website where consumers can browse and buy.
ScanLife's new technologies include a mobile landing page builder that easily enables the actions, eliminating the need for a web page developer.   Scanning a QR Code directs consumers to a webpage experience that has been optimized for mobile devices. In addition, the improved platform provides click- tracking data from the landing pages, giving marketers valuable information about their audience to maximize results.

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