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RFID Global Solution, Inc. and WaveMark Integrate Clinical Inventory Management and Enterprise Visibility Solutions

RFID Global Solution, Inc. (RFIDGS), the leading provider of real-time, enterprise asset tracking solutions, and WaveMark, Inc., the market leader in real-time healthcare supply chain innovation, have announced their partnership and integration of WaveMark’s Clinical Inventory Management solution with RFIDGS’ Visi-Trac for Healthcare RTLS software platform, to be available in early 2013. This combined offering enables better management of consumable assets, including implantable medical devices and supplies for Cardiac Catheterization, Endoscopy, Interventional Radiology and Surgical Services, using RFID and RTLS technologies. RFID Global Solution has also become a WaveMark Gold Reseller.
“RFID Global Solution fully understands the importance of partnering with best-of-breed providers such as WaveMark in our integrated approach to Healthcare,” stated RFIDGS CEO Diana S. Hage. “We are pleased to extend our existing line of SmartCabinets for the healthcare industry with additional offerings such as WaveMark’s Clinical Inventory Management line. This expands the range of choice that we can offer directly to customers and through our industry partners such as IBM’s Federal and Commercial Healthcare practice, among others.”
WaveMark provides a consumable asset tracking solution consisting of RFID-enabled smart cabinets, business intelligence software, and point-of-care stations to drive clinical workflow and supply chain optimization. “Our system enables hospitals to ensure that clinicians have the right product for the right patient at the right time, thereby improving the quality of patient care,” said John Wass, CEO of WaveMark. “Through our partnership with RFID Global Solution, we can provide a seamless environment for healthcare professionals and enhanced analytics for process improvement.”
According to Wass, the RFID-enabled supply chain management solution enables hospitals to better manage their inventory levels by adjusting par levels to match usage more closely, eliminating waste from expired and lost products. In addition, the WaveMark solution can provide detailed analyses on device usage per room and physician. This information supports effective inventory consumption, accurate clinical documentation and charge capture, and improved regulatory compliance.
“Our combined offering gives healthcare providers a state-of-the-art toolset to manage both clinical and business processes in a more agile and efficient manner, fulfilling demands for improved outcomes, security and accountability of medical devices, and cost reduction,” added Hage.
RFIDGS’ Visi-Trac software suite provides an enterprise-level unified user interface for management of assets, inventory and clinical processes such as SPD, OR Management and Patient Flow Management. RFID Global Solution and WaveMark are both members of the RFID in Healthcare Consortium (RHCC), sponsors of the HIMSS Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion and members of the Intelligent Hospital Advisory Board.

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