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TypeHaus Combines Form Templates, Barcode Generator, and Job Reformatting for HP LaserJets

The newly released TypeHaus FormJet Internal provides the ideal HP LaserJet upgrade solution for eliminating preprinted and multi-part forms, as well as completely reformatting existing host print jobs to create entirely new modernized documents. FormJet Internal facilitates professional business printing by incorporating form templates, a 1D and 2D barcode generator, and job reformatting technology all within a solution that installs within HP LaserJet enterprise-class printers.
Businesses looking to modernize their documents and electronic forms can find the perfect solutions in the TypeHaus FormJet Family of electronic forms solutions. The new FormJet Internal expands this family by providing FormJet functionality as a add-in upgrade for HP LaserJet enterprise-class printers. FormJet Family real-time print job processing includes both form templates and barcode generator capabilities. Form templates can replace pre-printed forms with automatically printed form backgrounds or multi-part forms with automatically generated multiple copies with identifying watermarks. The barcode generator can identify specific values being printed and use them to automatically add barcodes to the existing print job.
Configuring complex host applications requires a lot of effort and resources. Once configured, making major changes to the host is often undesirable or even impossible. The FormJet Family solves these problems by accepting existing host print jobs, restructuring them as necessary, and then printing the newly formatted job – all in real-time.
By expanding the FormJet Family to include FormJet Internal, TypeHaus now provides the ideal forms modernizing solution for use with HP LaserJet enterprise-class printers. Utilizing the add-in expansion socket located inside nearly all HP LaserJet enterprise-class printers, the FormJet Internal completely disappears inside the printer. All forms processing occurs completely within the LaserJet.
Carlos Lara, TypeHaus Business Development explains “Empowering managed print services dealers to fulfill business requirements is what our FormJet Family is all about. MPS dealers talk to a wide range of businesses, each with their own unique set of printing challenges. When those challenges involve modernizing forms and integrating PDFs without the risks of modifying host applications, TypeHaus delivers the solutions that help dealers address their customers’ needs.”
Advanced processing can include receiving a print job for one purpose, extracting the data, and printing it reformatted for an entirely different purpose. For example, an electronic medical records application prints a simple patient information report. FormJet extracts the necessary data from this print job and automatically prints barcoded patient wristbands and a sheet of matching labels completely without any changes to the host application.
FormJet Pro provides the same forms processing capabilities as FormJet Internal, but as an external add-on for laser printers from other manufacturers or non enterprise class HP LaserJets. FormJet Enterprise can also create PDF images for archival purposes, and optionally email those PDFs to specified recipients. FormJet Enterprise standalone print server can perform print job processing simultaneously for multiple printers across the enterprise.
For companies that require only a barcode generator, the TypeHaus BarCodeJet Family comes packed with intelligence to automatically format over 20 primary 1D barcodes including 43 variants as well as 2D barcodes including Aztec, Codablock F, Data Matrix, Maxicode, PDF-417 and QR Code. The BarCodeJet Family accepts the raw data and automatically calculates all mode shifts, CRCs, checksums, etc, as required to generate properly structured barcodes. TypeHaus also provides MICR Font, corporate logo digitizing, forms digitizing, and signature digitizing services for businesses of all sizes.
The FormJet Family provides the ideal partnership opportunity for managed print services dealers to address unique customer requirements using turnkey solutions. MPS dealers should contact TypeHaus today to learn more about how TypeHaus solutions can help their customers modernize their printing capabilities.

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