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Oberthur Technologies Certified by Mastercard for the New NFC Embedded Secure Element

Oberthur Technologies, one of the world’s largest providers of security, identification solutions and services based on smart card technologies, today announced successful completion of the MasterCard Certification for the newly released PEARL Secure Element 800k Classic, a state-of-the-art NFC embedded secure element, which can host the most secure NFC payment application.
The PEARL 800k Classic is the first multi-application embedded secure element, complying with the most advanced Global Platform 2.2 and JavaCard 3.0 specifications. The large-memory embedded secure element is also the first of its kind to be certified by MasterCard with Mobile PayPass M/Chip 4™, and enables NFC-based payment application hosting, which typically requires the most stringent security levels.
For complete compatibility with various types of mobile devices, Oberthur Technologies proposes different form factors to fit devices space constraints. “Oberthur Technologies is a historical supplier of secure smart cards that host applications for financial institutions, mobile network operators, transit operators, retailers and governments”, said Vincent Guitard, Marketing Director M2M & OEM at Oberthur Technologies. “With PEARL 800k Classic, Oberthur Technologies has developed and industrialized the most advanced and secure large-memory embedded secure element. This additional trusted element in the NFC ecosystem will facilitate the deployment of numerous services while enhancing their security level”.
“As a company shaping how commerce is conducted today and tomorrow, we are proud to partner with Oberthur Technologies on new payment solutions,” said James Anderson, Group Head, Converged Product Development at MasterCard. “The certification of Pearl 800k Classic is another step forward for MasterCard Mobile PayPass and will allow more consumers to access mobile payment services. It brings speed and reliability required by users, combined with the world class security level expected from MasterCard.”

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