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Yuma Palms Regional Center Launches New Mobile App

Inland Continental Property Management Corp. today announced the launch of a new mobile application designed to enhance customer engagement with retailers at Yuma Palms Regional Center, a 1 million-square-foot shopping destination in Yuma, Ariz. Named after the center, the Yuma Palms Regional Center mobile app, designed and implemented by Venuing, Inc., aims to provide rich, interactive content and promotional offers to engage local consumers.
Yuma Palms is the preferred community gathering place and magnet for local shoppers, residents, community leaders and visitors. Well-positioned to benefit from this vibrant and active population, the mobile app features advanced tools that enhance the shopping experience and allow customers to engage directly with retailers on a recurring basis.
For retailers, the advantages of the digital app over traditional direct marketing include coupon offers which can be made valid for specific dates only or extended upon demand, easy promotion of in-store events and new product offers and the ability to create store-specific deals on-demand.
The Yuma Palms mobile app is available on the iPhone, iPad and Android. Consumers can download the app by searching “Yuma Palms” in their preferred app store or by scanning the QR code found hanging in the local retailers’ windows,

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