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Symmetry Electronics signs with CAEN RFID

Symmetry Electronics announces that it will begin to globally distribute UHF RFID products from Italian RFID specialist CAEN RFID. CAEN RFID specializes in UHF RFID and has developed its Easy2Read and Easy2Log technology into a full line of UHF RFID fixed/embedded readers, tags, RFID development tools and accessories. For design engineers, RFID enabled devices are becoming increasingly popular as UHF RFID-enabled products are perceived as smart devices, able to address multiple functions in several applications. Applications that can benefit most from this technology include: asset monitoring tracking, temperature monitoring, pharmaceutical transit, storage and control, access control, industrial manufacturing, logistics, supply chain and agriculture."CAEN RFID products are among the best the world has to offer and their support is unmatched. Symmetry wanted to add one line that covers every need an engineer working with RFID may have and CAEN accomplishes just that," said Gil Zaharoni, Symmetry Electronics CEO."We recognize Symmetry's technical focus as a major benefit in a global distributor of specialized products like UHF RFID readers and tags. We believe that this partnership is the perfect match to enhance the support to CAEN RFID customers and partners in the US," said Adriano Bigongiari, CAEN RFID CEO.

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