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US$24Billion Spent on ID Card and eGovernment Programs in the Past Ten Years

In the past 10 years, countries all over the world have invested over US$24 billion to launch smart ID card programs. This investment is due to increase as another 15 countries have indicated that they will replace earlier technologies with biometric-based systems. Other technology programs being implemented by governments are eGovernment systems, which help to streamline governance systems. Asia-Pacific is one of the global hotbeds in eGovernment delivery. South Korea leads not only the region, but the whole world in terms of online service delivery, according to the 2012 United Nations E-government Survey rankings. Singapore is the only other Asian country in the top 10. The study confirms a steady advance in all the indicators of the eGovernment development index across the globe, with Eastern Asia trailing only Europe in the regional level. The gains, however, are not spread evenly, as most countries in the region are still offering low levels of engagement possibilities, said the report. Professionals from bank and payment, IT and security, retail, telecom, government and transport and smart card manufacturers can come and see new ID technology and listen to a highly experienced panel of worldwide experts sharing their knowledge, at CARTES Asia two-day conference 27 & 28 March
Besides national identity and government delivery of services, smart card technologies are steadily penetrating all aspects of modern life. Even in gambling establishments, casino tokens in Macao are now embedded with RFID chips for high-level security. In hospitals in the Philippines, the rate of hospital-acquired infections are being reduced through the implementation of RFID real-time location system (RTLS) that ensure personnel wash their hands before and after visiting patients.
The conference program on ID Management & eGovernment will present an overview of a variety of ID management initiatives, with focus on eGovernment. It will be kicked off by Kevin Gillick, Executive Director – GlobalPlatform, who will talk about “Developing a Privacy Framework for Government Markets”.
He will be followed by Anton Fischer, Director of Key Accounts, Government ID Solutions - HID Global, whose presentation is entitled “Delivering on the Promise of Advanced Government ID Credentials”. ID management's movement to the cloud is one of the top secure identity trends predicted by HID Global in 2013.

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