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Radio Frequency Identification – most commonly known as RFID – has been widely adopted by the supply chain industry for asset tracking and inventory control. Today, RFID is quickly becoming a go-to technology in the security, surveillance, and evidence fields. has partnered with SimplyRFID to offer a full line of RFID solutions now available at This offer includes the unique and innovative Nox Sting Kit. An all-in-one, fully integrated system, the Nox Sting Kit is a unique Plug-and-Play RFID and video surveillance solution that reveals on a facility map the movements of people and assets in real time. The Nox Sting Kit includes an RFID reader, a set of RFID tags, a monitoring video camera, and a dedicated PC with software to provide theft monitoring. By applying the tags to important assets, companies can set off alerts and reports when the assets are taken through a doorway.
The Nox-2 label-style RFID tags can be covertly mounted on items to track and the HD camera can be mounted overtly or covertly to record video of any event. The starter kit is preconfigured and optimized to run on an included Notebook PC for fast out-of-box deployment.

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