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Device Technologies to Distribute Haldor's ORLocate RFID Enabled Surgical Instruments

Haldor Advanced Technologies Ltd., the leading provider of RFID-enabled surgical item visibility solution for hospitals and sterilization centers, and Device Technologies, a leading Australian distributor of medical devices, signed a cooperation agreement that will enable the distribution of Haldor’s RFID solutions in Australia and New Zealand.
ORLocate solution is the first commercially available intuitive, interoperable system to leverage RFID technology to track, manage and analyze surgical instruments on an individual basis throughout Sterile Processing Departments and Operating Rooms.
ORLocate enables hospitals to significantly reduce costs associated to surgical instrument shrinkage as well as provide usage data on each instrument to ensure accurate set size and overall inventory, optimizes workflow by actively guiding and monitoring the technician’s processes to ensure compliance, and enhances the quality of patient care by managing infection control with accurate instrument level data. For more information see a short video.
Driven by the joined conviction that utilization of RFID technologies in the healthcare space will improve efficiency, elevate productivity and improve patient care, Haldor and Device are now preparing the introduction of ORLocate® solution in Australia and New Zealand.

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