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HID Global Drives Initiative for Partners to Develop NFC Trusted Tag Applications

HID Global is driving an initiative for partners to develop NFC Trusted Tag applications with the launch of its HID Trusted Tag Services Software Developer Tool Kit (SDK). Operating within the Trusted Identity Platform (TIP), HID Trusted Tag Services is the company’s latest NFC innovation that offers a cloud-based service to confer trust and provide security to readily available NFC tags. In addition to its new SDK, HID Global is seeking to extend technology licenses to qualified partners to enable third-party development of novel internet-of-things NFC applications using its HID Trusted Tag Services. HID Global’s focus areas of use for new applications include:
HID Trusted Tags Services is a cloud-based platform for secure NFC tags and services that eliminates the inherent risks of authenticating original documents, processes and high-value assets as well as data-logging with traditional sign-off procedures. HID Trusted Tag Services also enables the authorization of trusted actions, such as access to websites and a range of applications. The ecosystem includes a comprehensive portfolio of HID tag, inlay and card solutions that can be used anywhere, at any time with NFC-enabled readers, smartphones or mobile devices within the services’ secure Trusted Identity Platform (TIP) boundary. HID Trusted Tag Services can also be used with RFID tags from other manufacturers.

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