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Star Toilet Paper Demonstrates that the QR Code is Alive and Well

QR Codes have taken a bad rap as of late. One of the most recent criticisms comes from an article written by blogger B. L. Ochman in which she states that the QR Code is “history”. Unique marketing company, Star Toilet Paper, however frequently uses QR Codes and has measured QR scan conversions as high as 16%.
Star Toilet Paper is a company that places ads and coupons on bathroom tissue, ads and coupons that often use QR Codes or SMS services to turn their print media into a digital experience. Using strong calls to action and QR Code best practices, the company frequently receives scan rates that are double that of email marketing according to statistics gathered by the Direct Marketing Association.
Despite having suffered marketing abuse that borders on the absurd, QR Codes continue to grow in usage, and marketing companies like Star Toilet Paper have seen great success in their implementation. Statistics show that QR Code interaction is growing every year; in fact, according to ClickZ, from 2011 to 2012 QR scans nationwide rose by 400%.
Only time will tell if the marketing industry soothsayers are right. One thing is certain, however; the popularity of QR as a marketing tool will follow whatever brings in the bacon, not the opinions of the literati.

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