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Mobile Wallet Detection Launched for QR Code Marketers

Skycore LLC, a leading mobile technology provider, has today announced adding mobile wallet detection to its mobile marketing platform. When a QR code is scanned, the company's SaaS platform can selectively issue pass files to wallet apps or display web content to standard, barcode scanning apps. Skycore's technology enables brands to present a single QR code to consumers rather than one for instant pass issuance and yet another for web content.
Skycore's announcement follows the expectation that Apple's iOS 7 will enable QR scanning within their Passbook app for instantly adding passes, and the release of similar functionality within PassWallet's Android app, currently in beta.
When a QR code is scanned by most barcode scanning apps the embedded URL typically launches web content. However, for instantly adding passes to wallets, the embedded URL must instead point to a specific pass file.
Wallets that offer barcode scanning will make it easier for consumers to add passes but pose a challenge for brands to support both instant passes and web content with a single QR code. Without wallet detection, a brand would have to present different QR codes.
"By detecting whether the scan source is a wallet or a standard scanning app, we can selectively serve the proper pass file or alternatively serve mobile-optimized web content. This enables brands to display a single QR code at the point of interest," said Rich Eicher, Skycore's CEO.

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