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SEQR introduces mobile payments in Romania

Seamless and Garanti Bank have completed a pilot project putting in place a range of services and packaging for mobile payments and completing all the necessary integrations. The collaboration will enable SEQR to be rolled out in the 21.5 million-strong Romanian market on a large scale. Garanti Bank is the first bank in the country to offer its customers mobile payment services. Romania has some 3.5 million smartphone users and their number is growing rapidly. Combined with a low card usage (0.6 cards/person), the conditions for the rapid acceptance of mobile payments are ripe.
“We are delighted that Garanti Bank can roll out SEQR in the Romanian market in such a short time. Romania has a fast-growing banking sector. It does not have the sluggishness of older banking structures, which is a huge advantage. Garanti Bank can therefore introduce modern payment solutions such as SEQR without needing to take other solutions into consideration,” says Peter Fredell, CEO of Seamless.
Under the agreement, Seamless will receive a fee for every mobile payment transaction made by Garanti Bank customers. The use of the SEQR service is free of charge for consumers, the only costs charged to the consumer being for the goods purchased.
Paying by SEQR is simplicity itself. The customers imply scan a QR/NFC code using their SEQR apps at the checkout and then approve the payment with their PIN codes. Customers can also collect all their receipts in their mobile phones.

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