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Specialized Tech Companies Power First-Ever Dual-Purpose Debit/ID Card

Three leading payment technology companies have combined specialties to produce an award-winning, first-of-its-kind payment solution. Praxell, a prepaid card program manager; card marketing and production partner Arroweye Solutions, Inc.; and secure payment and ID solution provider ABnote have combined their unique capabilities to produce and fulfill an award-winning, first-ever combination municipal identification and banking card.
The card program, developed by SF Global for the City of Oakland, California, is the first to provide a secure identification and banking solution to the unbanked community. Arroweye’s patented digital on-demand technology enables the high level of customization required to produce each individual card, which includes a photo ID and other personal identification information. ABnote manufactures secure cards which are very effective against reproduction and tampering, like the technology used on other ID documents such as a driver’s license and a national ID.
Praxell is managing the card program, and the prepaid cards are issued by Sunrise Banks of St. Paul, Minnesota. The debit element addresses users’ lack of access to banking services while the identification component allows those cardholders to access other services which require a photo ID.
The card program was recently recognized by the International Card Manufacturers Association, receiving the award for Best Government Identification Card in the Association's Èlan Awards.

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