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Omni-ID Provides Specialty RFID Products to the United States Marine Corps

Omni-ID, the original inventor of the on-metal tag and leading global supplier of high-performance, RFID tags and visual tagging systems today announced that it has received its third order in support of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) to provide RFID tags utilized for tracking assets returning from the war efforts in Afghanistan.
"In 2012, the USMC identified challenges with tracking and accounting for large rolling stock and containers with high value assets being shipped back to the US from Afghanistan," said George E. Daddis, Jr., PhD, CEO of Omni-ID. "Our US-based supply chain jumped into action and met this challenge with extreme enthusiasm. Along with great partners like Empire Precision Plastics, we were able to build this unique product in volume and meet the requirements and very high standards set forth by the USMC. We're very pleased to have just received another order for these products and to be producing them right here in the USA."
Omni-ID, along with Rochester, NY based manufacturing partner, Empire Precision Plastics has produced several hundred thousand of the Dura 1500C custom products in addition to several other highly robust tags in support of the USMC over the past year.
"Growth of the Upstate NY economy is clearly being driven by innovative technology companies like Omni-ID," said New York State Assemblyman, Bill Reilich (R, C, I - Greece). "This is a company who is not only creating jobs in their business, but feeding the job growth in the community by utilizing other local businesses as partners -- a great success story for Rochester."

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