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AzonMobile Launches Full Mobile Platform that Brings Together QR Code Tracking, Custom QR Code Generator & Mobile Web Builder

AzonMobile continues to dominate mobile marketing tools and services with its integrated platform: Custom QR Code Generator, QR Code Tracking and now an improved Mobile Web Builder. The new mobile web builder has a trial version. With a quick registration, users can experience this drag-and-drop mobile Web site creator and have their own AzonMobile hosted mobile Web site. Further, AzonMobile unveils the traditional Chinese and Spanish versions of its platform.
AzonMobile is the same company that currently brings a unified mobile platform that allows users to create a customized QR code and track them. Now with the Mobile Web Builder, users can fully have an integrated solution for their mobile marketing needs.
AzonMobile’s Custom QR Code Generator allows users to generate QR codes that are not like those boring black and white QR codes. Users can change the QR code’s colors, use a different body shape and even incorporate own logo into the customized QR code simply and easily!
The company is behind the QR code campaigns of some of the world's biggest brands, including Sony Music, L'Oreal, and Veuve Clicquot.

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