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Nedap expands RFID production for retail sector

Nedap announced the construction of a new production facility in the East of the Netherlands for their Store !D RFID readers to read RFID on item level. At the new facility, Nedap produces readers for retailers in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the United States. The RFID products manufactured at this location include handheld readers (!D Hand), POS readers (!D POS), overhead antennas (!D Top) and pedestals (!D Gate). The first 4.000 pieces are scheduled to be produced in the second half of 2013.
The !D Gate is a floor-mounted pedestal with an integrated RFID reader, which can trace incoming goods, the movement of goods from the back room to the sales floor and goods leaving the store. The !D Gate can also be used as a hybrid EAS (electronic article surveillance) system at the store entrance that offers both RF and RFID detection combined in one free standing pedestal. The pedestals can either be installed as hybrid EAS systems right away or upgraded later by adding a clip-in RFID reader. It is also possible to equip the
!D Gate with integrated sensors to count customers and detect foil-lined bags.

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