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New Strategic Portal System Enables RFID ASAP

Strategic Systems & Technology Corp., a leading integrator of enterprise-level RFID hardware and software solutions and a Motorola Premier Solutions Partner, today released its Strategic RFID Portal System and in doing so, offers an intelligent approach for breaking down two of RFID’s most common barriers to entry: time to deployment and customization expense.
“There are some business functions that are absolutely, ideally suited for a packaged RFID solution,” explains David Bissonnette, Executive Vice President of Strategic Systems & Technology. “Asset tracking is a prime example of an application where many businesses can start benefiting from RFID almost immediately.”
The Strategic RFID Portal System – which comprises a Web-based application that runs on a networked server and a fixed portal application that runs on Motorola fixed RFID readers – tracks RFID-tagged assets as they pass through a threshold or other choke point. With exportable reporting, the system provides intelligence on items’ last known location, location history, and time in process. This can reduce time spent searching for lost items, improve inventory visibility and asset utilization, and more.
“With more than 10 years of experience in creating RFID solutions, we recognized that there was a huge need for this type of RFID framework in the market,” Bissonnette continues. “We designed the application to satisfy several of the most common user scenarios so that it can be installed and up and running quickly.
“We’ve already done the heavy lifting on the programming side,” he adds, “so the prospect of RFID suddenly becomes much more accessible to businesses that might not otherwise have the resources or need for a custom solution.”
The Strategic RFID Portal System uses Motorola Solutions hardware components, including fixed and handheld RFID readers and antennas. “The Motorola and Strategic Systems partnership is a great fit,” says Jeff Crosby, a Motorola Solutions Channel Account Manager. “RFID can be complicated, but Strategic really understands the technology and the benefits that Motorola’s product line brings to their system. “

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