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RFID Blood Monitoring Systems (Blood Refrigerators And Freezers) Market

RFID technology has had a significant impact on the global healthcare industry. The adoption of RFID tracking systems has been useful in reducing human efforts and errors in maintenance and control of healthcare inventory. A new report studies the application of RFID in the healthcare industry, particularly the use of RFID blood refrigerators and freezers in blood banks and hospitals. RFID refrigerators are instrumental in storage, tracking, monitoring and control of blood and blood products inventory. This report covers the market dynamics i.e. the drivers, restraints and opportunities currently influencing the industry. The study also encompasses the analysis of volume and sales revenue of RFID blood refrigerators used in hospital blood centers and blood banks based on their average selling price, procured from major device manufacturers, journals and expert interviews.
The geographies considered for the analysis of the RFID blood monitoring systems market are divided into four major regions namely, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World. The analysis of the market in these regions has been mapped in terms of value and the sales volume of RFID blood bank refrigerators and freezers installed in blood banks and hospital blood centers. The regional analysis of the market also comprises a list of major hospital blood centers and blood banks active in each of the above-mentioned regions. Furthermore, the market overview section of the study highlights the regulatory requirements for using RFID (presence of governing bodies and their role in each geographical location), and qualitative information about the growth of adoption of RFID in tracking medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and other hospital supplies.

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