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NEDAP: RFID readers chosen for large-scale technology rollout at Adler

Adler Modemärkte AG, one of the largest textile retailers in Germany, has selected Nedap's Store !D RFID readers for the introduction of RFID technology throughout its retail network.
Following a successful pilot phase, Nedap has been commissioned with project planning of the RFID reading points and subsequent installation of the RFID hardware in all 170 Adler fashion outlets.
The technology rollout started in the fourth quarter of 2013 and is planned to be finished in 2014. The fashion company is expecting to see ROI by the end of 2015.
The decision for the extensive technology rollout at Adler Modemärkte AG is based on the positive results of a long-term RFID pilot project carried out in seven stores in Germany and Luxemburg.
The goal of promoting sales is to be achieved by significantly increasing the accuracy of stocktaking, full transparency of the flow of goods and continuous replenishment  of the entire range of textiles without errors. RFID technology will be used to continually update stock quantities, correctly trigger repeat orders and avoid out-of-stock situations. Increased process efficiency is expected to accelerate workflows and have a positive impact on customer satisfaction.
Stock management and reduction of inventory differences
Nedap's Store !D RFID hardware will be installed at the checkouts, the store entrances and the areas between the stockroom and the sales floor. The Store !D RFID technology is used to monitor and manage all current stock in the stockroom and on the sales floor and reduce loss of goods by way of electronic article surveillance (EAS). In addition to this, sales staff will have more time for customer support due to acceleration of the checkout process.


  1. New web site is looking good. Thanks for the great effort.

  2. I believe installing RFID reader throughout the retail network of Adler is a great step taken by the company that would surely lead to phenomenal results. Good luck!


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