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Code Unveils New Mobile Barcode Scanner

Code, an industry leader of advanced, image-based barcode readers, announces the availability of the Code Reader™ 3600 (CR3600). The mobile scanning device is the latest addition to the company’s fast-growing, sophisticated product line.
The CR3600 employs the latest imaging technology and includes the ability to write and customize JavaScript applications without the need to purchase an additional license. With capability of direct data input via a keypad and brightly colored screen the CR3600 is the ideal mobile barcode reading solution for deployment where integration versatility is required.
“The development of the CR3600 illustrates our commitment to exceed the expectations of our customers,” says George Powell, Code’s CEO and President. “Not only does the CR3600 point to the marked growth of our product line, but it illustrates our ability to stay ahead of the curve with next-generation devices.”
Designed specifically for mobile-related businesses, such as police departments, department of motor vehicles, retail companies and warehouse distributors, the CR3600 thoroughly handles all inventory management and data collection needs. It does so by enabling these organizations to effectively record work orders, track inventory, parse driver licenses and vehicle title and registrations, allowing for the immediate visibility of critical barcoded data.
Another asset of the CR3600 is that it has the ability to take on more than one workflow operation at a time. A variety of applications can be created and loaded onto the reader and can be accessed with a simple touch of a button. With a single scan of a barcode users can also direct the same data set to multiple applications. These features streamline workflow processes and ultimately lower costs by reducing the need to rely on numerous scanning devices.
For ease of customization and integration, a JavaScript license is included with each device, as well as multiple JavaScript applications pre-installed with source code available for download from the Code website enabling both existing and new resellers to quickly provide solutions to their customer base.

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