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Court finds removal of barcode does not infringe trademark reputation

Ape & Partners SPA and Balling Brands ApS requested an interim injunction against Streetman ApS, claiming that Streetman was prohibited from marketing and selling products under the trademarks PARAJUMPERS and PJS THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE PARAJUMPERS after it had altered the tags attached to the products. PJS is the owner of a number of EU trademark registrations, including the two trademarks mentioned above, which have been licensed to Ape and Balling. Streetman sells jackets under both trademarks. The original PARAJUMPERS jackets are sold with five tags on a string, of which one is a barcode label. On the jackets sold by Streetman, the tag with the barcode label had been removed and a white sticker had been placed on one side of one of the other tags, covering a PARAJUMPERS trademark.

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