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Omni-ID and Guard RFID Release Open-Standard 433 MHz Technology

Two RFID companies have announced 433 MHz hardware that they claim is the first to comply with a relatively new open air-interface protocol—IEEE 802.15.4f-2012. Omni-ID's new Power 415 tag integrates a passive EPC Gen 2 ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) inlay with an active 433 MHz transponder compliant with the IEEE standard, while Guard RFID Solutions' Tag Reader Receiver (TRR) has been newly updated to interrogate active 433 MHz tags via the open standard. The two companies each independently tested the interoperability of the reader and the tag last month, and found that the products work well together. During testing, both firms employed Guard RFID's AllGuard RTLS and Security software, while Omni-ID also used its own software to manage the collected read data. - See more at:

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