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SATO Launches Revolutionary Low Cost RFID Print & Verify System

SATO, a leader in barcode printing, labeling, and EPC/RFID solutions, announced today that SATO Vicinity Pty. Ltd. and SATO Healthcare Co., Ltd. have launched a new low cost RFID Print & Verify System featuring its unique PJM RFID technology.

The PJM Print & Verify System is a complement of integrated products consisting of PJM RFID printers, PJM RFID and barcode readers, and application software that enable the centralized management of these devices for RFID encoding/printing, and the verification of RFID and barcode data. Additionally the solution offers grade evaluation of the barcode print quality.

A great benefit to customers is the built-in flexibility and customization of the system. Its modular design allows each aspect of the solution to function individually or in any combination. Other industry standards of RFID such as UHF RFID tags and HF RFID tags are also available.

SATO's PJM Print & Verify System was recently selected as the next-generation RFID solution by one of the world's largest orthopedic implant vendors.

"There is a growing demand in healthcare and the medical device industry for barcode verification systems - solutions that provide the highest possible accuracy for track and trace and data management to ensure patient safety requirements are met," said Hiroyuki Konuma, President of SATO Healthcare, "SATO's PJM Print & Verify System is a revolutionary low cost solution that achieves not only RFID and barcode matching verification, but also manages RFID printing, non-duplication, and barcode print quality verification in one solution. We have just taken two steps ahead in bundled technology solutions for our customers who previously expended three times or more for a single verification system feature. Our acquisition of Magellan Technology made this possible, and we will continue to create new values for our customers through sustained efforts in research and development."

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