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TransTech Systems Expands with UHF RFID Offerings

Visualant, Inc., announced that the TransTech Systems subsidiary of Visualant is increasing its business emphasis on UHF RFID solutions. UHF RFID systems are being used to track assets in very diverse environments with minimal human intervention such as hospital equipment and consumables, tools, attendees at amusement parks and sporting events, retail clothing and even cars through the car wash. UHF RFID use is exploding across many diverse market applications due to increased range, more data and lower cost tags.

TransTech Systems is a leading distributor of identification solutions and products. These solutions have historically included Low and High (LF & HF) Radio Frequency Identification products. It is only natural to extend their product offerings to include Ultra-High Frequency or UHF identification components.

“While UHF RFID solutions are not overly complex, having the expertise to match the appropriate components to the environment of the installation is critical to the success of the project,” said Jeff Kruse, President of TransTech Systems.

TransTech Systems is known for its award winning customer support and has received top service awards from major partners in the secure identification industry for several years. Kruse further stated, “We bring our service and support ethic to an industry where success is defined by the components used in each specific installation. This kind of support cannot come in a box.”
Ron Erickson, President and CEO of Visualant said, “Many of those who follow Visualant are not aware of our TransTech subsidiary and its profitable $9 million in annual revenues. Jeff Kruse has played a significant role in his job as President of TransTech in increasing revenues and margins. We are seeing strong quarterly growth in the Division and are pleased with the addition of UHF RFID goods and services.”

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